Our Approach

The Pilates, Therapy & Wellness Center of Westchester was founded in 2005 as a place to develop, grow and enhance the entire YOU. Our team of therapists and instructors develop personalized treatments and follow evidence-based protocols that lead to the best possible results.  Our goal is to provide a high quality of services that allow you to become the person you have been struggling to find.  We are here to nurture and support your journey into movement health.

Meet the Team

Meet the people that make this facility great!

Abigail Ellsworth PT, DPT, FMT, NDS, CSCS, CPS

Abigail graduated Magna Cum Laud from Slippery Rock University with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and an interest in neuromuscular development and motor patterns.  She is a certified Pilates instructor for the past 13 years with her most recent certification from Polestar Pilates. Polestar is a scientific research based Pilates integrated rehabilitation system combining classical Pilates with evidence based neurodynamics.  She has studied with the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) to focus on Functional Manual Therapy as an integrated treatment system coupling mechanical treatment of the joints, soft tissues, visceral and neurovascular systems with manual neuromuscular facilitation to enhance optimum motor control and human function. Combining her IPA education with Polestar and classical Pilates training she has developed a philosophy of creating life-changing movement experiences by fusing Pilates, Physical Therapy and mind-body energy systems together to better target efficient dynamic motion. Abigail has published several research articles, clinical assessments as well as anatomical books (Anatomy of Pilates, Anatomy of Yoga, Massage Anatomy and Core Training Anatomy) over the past 14 years.  She has lectured for the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), New York State Reflexology Association (NYSRA), Westchester Medical Center (WMC), and Sport section of the American Physical Therapy Association (SPTA) and teaches Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga certifications.  She is the owner of the Pilates, Therapy and Wellness Center in Scarsdale.  Being an owner of PT&W is not only fun but invigorating. Managing the daily operations of PT&W can be demanding, however my roll not only as an administrator, but as a Physical Therapist and a Pilates instructor makes my job enjoyable! The Staff strives to create and maintain a philosophy based on the “entire person”. Rather than just relieving pain, our goal is to treat the whole person, allowing them to achieve the lifestyle they enjoy. This is a very inspiring and rewarding job!

Lisa Callari

Lisa has been office manager at Pilates, Therapy & Wellness for the past 10 years.  She is responsible for the insurance correspondence and medical billing for the office, and has a vast knowledge of insurance coverage and procedures.  Her bright smile brings a warm welcome to your visit and she is there to assist patients with anything from scheduling to payment and insurance questions.  She will help you deal effectively with your insurance company so that financial worries do not contribute to your health problems.

 Michael graduated from Sacred Heart University and has been working at Pilates, Therapy & Wellness for the past 6 years.  He has extensive knowledge on all sports and orthopedic issues and is Graston and Mulligan technique certified.

Michael Ireland

Eve studied at French and Dance at Muhlenberg College and graduated from the Kane School of Movement with her certification in Pilates.  She has been with PT&W for the past 7 years and brings her extensive Pilates knowledge and experience

Eve Karam

Alyson graduated from Mercy College and joined the PT&W team bringing with her years of expertise with manual and tissue release


Alyson Wagner


Denise is a licensed Massage therapist the specializes in Myofascial Massage as well as a certified Pilates Instructor with Balanced Body University, learning from the one of the best instruction companies around.  She uses a soft flow instruction to allow you to mindfully move with ease and purpose.




Gabrielle brings her extensive training and years of experience in Reflexology to her clients.  She has been with Pilates, Therapy & Wellness for 12 years.




Gabrielle Zale

Elena is certified in Yoga and personal training





Elen Remias

 Laura is there to greet you with a friendly smile and assist you with all of your scheduling and payment needs.  She is fluent in Spanish and English.




(914) 725-2170 or email us at pilatestherapyandwellness@gmail.com